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100 Healthy Foods For Your Toddlers (Part 2)


36. Corn

Thawed from frozen or fresh on the cob. Healthy pot cheese spread with assorted fruit on a plate.

37. Cottage Cheese

Whole milk when possible. Serve it with fruit or try it during a Whipped pot cheese Dip.

38. Couscous

Served like pasta with pesto or marinara, or as an entire grain side with butter or a touch vegetable oil.

39. Cucumbers

Diced finely or shredded, peeled if needed. you'll also add them to smoothies for a burst of freshness.

40. Eggs

Fried, hard-cooked, scrambled, or in egg muffins.

41. Figgs

Fresh and diced or dried and softened in oatmeal.

42. Flaxseeds

Ground, in smoothies, food, or sprinkled over yogurt.

43. Goat Cheese

Spreadable chevre on toast or muffins, or crumbles on their own or with grains or pasta.

44. Grapes

Quartered lengthwise to avoid choking.

45. Green Beans

Steamed and diced, or roasted. Or sauteed as Sesame Green Beans.

46. Grits

Cooked until soft with cheese or bite-size broccoli and cheese grits. Baby Dixie cup of blueberry banana smoothie with silicone top and straw

47. Hemp Seeds

Try adding a tablespoon of hemp seeds to a smoothie or oatmeal, or sprinkle over foods like yogurt.

48. Kale

Chopped and sauteed or in smoothies or blended into pesto.

49. Kefir

Plain or low sugar flavored, on its own, or served blended into a smoothie. This tart yogurt-like drink features a lot of probiotics that are great for digestive and immune health!

50. Kidney Beans

With a touch salt or oregano, in chili or plain. Or, add them to a pot of marinara sauce.

51. Kiwi

Peeled and diced. Otherwise, you can add it to a smoothie.

52. Honeydew Melon

Diced or served in wedges. Lentil soup with veggies in a bamboo bowl with yellow spoon and bib

53. Lentils

Red or brown, simmered until soft or cooked into soup.

54. Lettuce

Shredded into very thin strips. Offer just a touch at a time since it is often a challenging texture to find out.

55. Mandarin Oranges

Peeled and sectioned, cut in half if needed. you'll also blend into a smoothie.

56. Mango

Diced or blended into a smoothie. you'll also try dried mango as a special snack.

57. Millet

Served as an entire grain entremets with a touch vegetable oil or butter, or with curry.

58. Milk

Whole dairy or plant-based milk counting on what you favor. (Here’s some help choosing the simplest milk for your toddler.)

59. Mushrooms

Sauteed in vegetable oil or butter. On pizza. Added to marinara sauce.

60. Navy Beans

In soup, added to rice, became hummus, or served with a touch of salt and vegetable oil.

61. Olives

Pitted and diced. you would possibly be surprised—many kids love the flavor of olives!

62. Oranges

Peeled and chopped as required. Or try adding them to smoothies.easy marinara sauce with pasta and cheese in a yellow bowl with raspberries.

63. Pasta

Served with marinara sauce, pesto, or with butter and cheese (or another favorite sauce). you'll try chickpea pasta, whole grain pasta, quinoa pasta, or more traditional semolina pasta.

64. Parsnips

Peeled and sliced and roasted into fries.

65. Peaches

Diced or sliced or frozen and blended into smoothies.

66. Peanut Butter

Thinned and served from a spoon, spread onto toast or bread, or stirred into oatmeal or yogurt. Or try adding it to smoothies. Search for natural unsweetened to avoid added sugars.

67. Pears

Diced or sliced, peeled if needed. Try all different types—Bosc, Bartlett, and red pears.creamy broccoli soup with peas for adult and baby with crackers and cheese

68. Peas

Thawed from frozen (or many kids like them frozen!). Or added to pasta or soups.

69. Pineapple

Served fresh, thawed from frozen, added to smoothies, or served over pot cheese or yogurt.

70. Plums

Remove the skin if it’s too tough for your toddler, then dig wedges or small chunks.

71. Pinto Beans

In chili, as a taco filling, mashed and spread on toast with a touch cheese. search for unsalted canned beans or rinse beans before warming them to get rid of excess salt.

72. Polenta

Served soft with a spoon or in firmer rounds (from the tubes you'll buy premade at the store). Try the round-topped with shredded cheese and pizza sauce.

73. Potatoes

Roasted, mashed, boiled…any which way you wish them! Try all types of potatoes including purple, yellow, pink, and white to urge a variety of nutrients.

74. Prunes

Chopped or softened in oatmeal, or blended into a smoothie.

75. Quinoa

Served warm as an entire grain side or with mashed squash.

76. Raisins

On their own, served in oatmeal, or in Healthy Oatmeal Raisin Cookies.

77. Raspberries

Served fresh, or if you purchase frozen ones, you'll add them to a smoothie. Try them mashed and stirred into yogurt, coconut rice in blue bowls and red bowl with a yellow baby spoon.

78. Rice

Try all kinds: basmati, brown, jasmine. Stir in cheese or avocado or mashed sweet potato to assist the grains to stay together.

79. Rolled Oats

In oatmeal, overnight oats, granola bars, muffins, and more.

80. Romanesco

Prepared as you'd broccoli! It’s often very sweet and maybe a super fun dinosaur-esque shape.

81. Snap Peas

Fresh and diced or steamed or sauteed.

82. Snow Peas

Fresh and diced or steamed or sauteed. Try these during a fry.

83. Spinach

Sauteed or in smoothies or pesto.

84. Split Peas

In soup! We love this Broccoli Cheddar Soup with hidden split peas.

85. Strawberries

Diced fresh, in Strawberry Muffins, in freezer pops, in smoothies. Healthy mashed sweet potatoes in a blue floral bowl with a child's hands.

86. Sweet Potatoes

Roasted, steamed, or mashed. Or try them during a smoothie or pancakes.

87. Tilapia

Poached or steamed. Try it with green curry or a light-weight spaghetti sauce.

88. Tofu

Firm in cubes, lightly sauteed or breaded into Tofu Nuggets. you'll also add soft tofu to smoothies for extra iron and protein.

89. Tomatoes

Cherry (halved), chopped, or in spaghetti sauce or in mild salsa.

90. Tortellini

With butter or vegetable oil , with pesto, with marinara sauce. These are an excellent quick dinner to possess available since they cook so fast.

91. Tuna

Try the low-mercury kinds like Safe Catch as tuna fish salad or tuna cakes.

92. Turkey

Shredded or cubed, roasted, or ground. We like store-roasted turkey luncheon meat or nitrate-free luncheon meat from brands like Applegate.

93. Yams

Roasted, mashed—or prepared like sweet potatoes.

94. Yellow Squash

Sauteed in vegetable oil and topped with a touch grated Parmesan cheese, in smoothies, or in Cornmeal Muffins.

95. Yogurt

Whole-milk plain yogurt is the most suitable option for teenagers. You'll serve it with granola, in overnight oats, or in smoothies.

96. Watermelon

Cubed, in sticks, in wedges. Or blend it up into fresh juice!

97. Wild Rice

Served as an entire grain entremots with a touch butter or copra oil.

98. Wild Salmon

Canned or filet, baked or in a salmon salad or salmon cakes

99. White Beans

Use rather than chickpeas in hummus, plain seasoned with a touch salt, or with marinara sauce and pasta.

100. Zucchini

In smoothies, sauteed, made into zoodles and served with peanut sauce, or as Zucchini Fritters.

Finger Food For Toddlers

I hope this list of safe and straightforward foods for toddlers comes in handy once you run out of ideas for what to serve your toddler or to assist you to remember which foods you haven’t served during a while. choose between these finger foods to assemble healthy toddler meals and snacks—and to assist yourself remember that there are numerous wonderful foods for toddlers available if we will just remember what they are.

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